Célibataires Female dans United States, , Singles in Alabama, Indianapolis Female

Sugerpie: looking for love...
Cherchant: Mâle âge 50 à 80
Statut: 36 Divorcé Tout droit Femelle
Intérêt dans: Mariage
Ethnicité Blanc/caucasien
Vivant: Live avec des colocataires
Attire l'attention: Jambes
La taille: 5'5 pouces
Corps: Maigre
Cheveux/Yeux: Noir, Bleu
Fumée: Pas de réponse
Boisson: Parfois
Exercice 2 fois par semaine
Politique: Aucun
Éducation: Décrochage scolaire
Religion: Christian
Le revenu: 85 001 $à 150 000 $
Occupation: Sales
Progéniture: Aucun
Personnalité: Aventureux
Pays: United States
Courriels d `amis: Votre nom:

I am a very energetic woman I am sociable and cheerful as well I like reading books and my favorite book is Its Either Now or Too Late I do not put off my life until later I like to receive emotions I like to live even more I like to give emotions I like to enrich people with happiness My female possibilities are endless I am developing And I want to meet a man who knows how to accept sincerity love and happiness


There are neither perfect men nor women Either on this dating site or somewhere else My man will accept me for who I am as well as I will accept him for who he is And together we will become perfect By the way I believe in fate And I had a dream where I saw the hand of my future husband Will you show me your hand

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