am also divorced and single ever since my exhusband cheated on me some years ago with a daughter

Josephclaraeva94: missclaraeva...
Cherchant: Mâle âge 30 à 87
Statut: 36 Divorcé Tout droit Femelle
Intérêt dans: Relation à long terme
Ethnicité Blanc/caucasien
Vivant: Live avec des colocataires
Attire l'attention: Pas de réponse
La taille: 5'9 pouces
Corps: Maigre
Cheveux/Yeux: Pas de réponse, Noir
Fumée: En aucune façon
Boisson: Parfois
Exercice Appelle moi paresseux
Politique: Pas de réponse
Éducation: licence
Religion: Christian
Le revenu: Moins de 15 000 $
Occupation: Self Employed
Progéniture: 1 enfant
Personnalité: Aventureux
Pays: United States
Courriels d `amis: Votre nom:

am also divorced and single ever since my exhusband cheated on me some years ago with a daughter


I am looking for someone who is Kind, Caring and Considerate to others. Looks and age are relatively unimportant provided you are a nice person to be around with, should be fun staying with and a good sense of humour but also someone who can share meaningful conversation with from time to time. Honesty and sincerity being the best qualities. He should be a caring, friendly and a family oriented man. I would prefer that someone to show interest and be supportive of my work. He should be financially okay.


A perfect date is the one where both of us will look back and cherish the moment. Whether we are in a Starbucks, along side the riverwalk or at a restaurant, the perfect date will be remembered because of the interaction we had, the excitement and anticipation that we will remember for years to come. It can be planned but only hoped for the best.


One of my dreams is to have my own Company. And to have the right man to settle down with for the rest of my life.

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