I am a single, handsome, lonely, highlyeducated black man who wants a loving woman for a companion.

Jimmyboyo: handsome man seeks loving female...
Cherchant: Femelle âge 18 à 43
Statut: 63 Unique Tout droit Mâle
Intérêt dans: Relation amicale
Ethnicité Noir/Africain
Vivant: Vivre par moi-même
Attire l'attention: Bout
La taille: 5'5 pouces
Corps: Pas de réponse
Cheveux/Yeux: Afro, Pas de réponse
Fumée: En aucune façon
Boisson: Parfois
Exercice Pas de réponse
Politique: Pas de réponse
Éducation: No Answer
Religion: Pas de préférence
Le revenu: 15 001 $à 25 000 $
Occupation: No Preference
Progéniture: Aucun
Personnalité: Aventureux
Pays: United States
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I am a single, handsome, lonely, highlyeducated black man who wants a loving woman for a companion.

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My ideal partner will be a woman who is of any size, but who definitely loves to make love to me and who will thrill me. But that is not necessarily a challenge because I have been alone for more than 2 years to date, since early August of 2013. I have no woman neither wife or girlfriend in my life now. I am desperately lonely.

My ideal mate would be understanding, patient, and tolerant of me, especially as I am broke and cannot buy her anything right now. I am disabled. And I DO NOT LIVE ALONE. I live with my mother. So I cannot necessarily entertain her where I am living. She would need to appreciate that people sometimes go through difficulties and challenges in life. Things are not always fair or even ideal for everyone.


The first perfect date would be dinner and a movie, either in the cinema or at her house. After that, I would like to romance her. But she must be willing for that.

I have never forced myself on any woman and I do not believe it would be acceptable at all.


I am an unemployed tenured associate professor of American history and African history and Africana Studies at an institution in Delaware, called Delaware Stae University in Dover, which is the state capital. I am on leave because I am disabled and I am applying for social security disability benefits. I became ill in 2014 because of extremely high blood pressure. It was diagnosed and treated when I visited my family in Florida that year.

My goal is to become a prolific scholar in African American history and in Africana Studies.

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