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Phx19: helloooo...
Cherchant: Femelle âge 18 à 35
Statut: 31 Unique Tout droit Femelle
Intérêt dans: Email/Correspondant
Ethnicité Blanc/caucasien
Vivant: Live avec des colocataires
Attire l'attention: Bras
La taille: 5'4 pouces
Corps: Maigre
Cheveux/Yeux: Afro, Noir
Fumée: En aucune façon
Boisson: Ne jamais le toucher
Exercice Appelle moi paresseux
Politique: Aucun
Éducation: licence
Religion: Agnostique
Le revenu: 65 001 $à 85 000 $
Occupation: Teacher
Progéniture: Aucun
Personnalité: Dogmatique
Pays: United States
Courriels d `amis: Votre nom:

Hey there My name is Nikki I am new to this site and my inbox is already full lol Not really looking for anything on here I know cold hard truth but every guy Ive ever talked to on this site is either full of or they are just a complete Im just getting back on to pass the time my old pro was flachick21 deleted because I thought I had found someone worth my time but ha yea I shouldve known better That being said Im not against talking to anyone no I dont think you are all the same I just wanted to clarify So if youre still interested after reading this hit up my inbox and find out about me Thanks for reading

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